Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catherine shared a picture of an apple pie... Yummmmm

Cooper shared and alligator

Reed brought an airplane

Sloan shared an apron

Yay!!! Freddie the frog joined our classroom on Tuesday. Emma Grace wond the sting shot!!!! Thanks Emma Grace.

Barrett brought an angel

Claire shared an apple

Rachel brought antlers

Tinnin also brought an angel

At the phonics center the children pratice writing I, U, O, and A on the dry erase board.

The letter of the week is A so the childrne made an alligator from the letter A!

Practice making patterns using beads 

Mrs. McKnight is teaching the class their colors in Spanish!

Parker is really concentrating on his book :)

All of the boys and girls love playing with the cars.

We made a friendship wreath from each of the kids hand prints. They enjoyed knowing whose hand was whose.

Water color painting

The children mixed glue and water together then used it to paint card stock. Next they colored it with tissue paper and glitter. We will attach a picture and magnet to it and you have an adorable picture frame!

Katie shared her apron she made last year in 3k!

Lane shared apples from the apple tree in her back yard. 

Emma Grace brought an apple for share

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